Do you know what your vulnerabilities are?

That’s ok, most organizations don’t and end up throwing money at ineffective solutions in a knee jerk response so they can feel like they are doing something. You can’t come up with effective solutions if you don’t know what the problems are in the first place. With over 30 years of combined security and law enforcement experience to draw from—The Security Guru® takes a deep dive into your organization to pinpoint and identify the exact problems impacting your internal and external environment and providing cost-effective options for you to consider.

Cameras are NOT a deterrent.

While cameras are immensely helpful in prosecuting crimes after they happen, they are not very effective in preventing crimes. Nothing is as effective a deterrent as a staff well trained in Security Awareness. There’s no such thing as overreporting. The Security Guru® will work with leadership and staff to help create an organic workplace culture of “If You See Something, Say Something®.”

Not only are cameras not a deterrent, but most organizations end up with camera systems that are already obsolete the moment they are installed. They end up buying expensive proprietary systems from fly-by-night security consultants that do not integrate with the technologies they already possess or will have in the future. Or they end up with systems you can’t yank out and take with you should your organization change locations. Having been burned before, most organizations are apprehensive about installing new surveillance systems. The Security Guru® will help ensure that your organization is equipped with state of the art open architecture camera systems.

What Can A Security Assessment Do For Your Organization?

The Security Guru® talks with leadership and staff to get a comprehensive and accurate picture of what is going on in their internal and external environment and what we can do to help.

Minimize risk and protect your employees

Every employee has the right to work in an environment that they feel safe in. Make sure that your organization is doing everything in its power to keep your employees safe in the workplace.

Identify and eliminate drugs in the workplace

Employee substance abuse causes a wide range of security problems like loss of productivity, accidents, and theft. Learn how to properly identify substance abuse amongst your staff at the supervisor level and implement a program that provides assistance for employees struggling with substance abuse issues.

Do you have issues with employee violence?

Problems in employee’s personal lives can follow them into the workplace creating an unsafe environment for everyone. Workplace and domestic violence is pervasive across all social strata and can have a severe impact on the workplace. Make sure that you are doing enough to keep your employees safe.

Is your organization affected by employee theft?

Workplace theft is a slippery slope. While small items like pens and staplers can seem like small potatoes—things can snowball and get out of control quickly. When a forensic-accounting firm surveyed workers in 2013, 52 percent admitted to stealing company property.

Active shooters are a real, dangerous threat

This level of workplace violence is so awful it’s something we wish wasn’t even necessary to prepare for. Unfortunately, it is the kind of training you cannot afford to skimp on if you want potentially save lives. The Security Guru® is well versed in the Department Of Homeland Security RHF (run-hide-flight) response protocol and can make sure your organization is trained and prepared for the worst.

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