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  • Crime Radius Report
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How Does Security Guru 360 work?

Security Guru 360 gives you a virtual Head of Security who has years of experience helping organizations put systems and policies in place that help and protect people.

Your Own Head Of Security

Security Guru 360 gives you your own Head of Security to oversee and coordinate security efforts across the organization.

Security Assessment

Understand your vulnerabilities and get a plan to address them with our comprehensive security assessment.

Active Shooter Training

Do you have an Active Shooter response plan? Is it specific to your environment? Get prepared today.

Drug Recognition Training

Learn how to properly identify substance abuse amongst your staff at the supervisor level with The Security Guru.

First Aid Training

Make sure that your organization is doing everything in its power to keep your employees safe in the workplace.

Threat Management

The Security Guru® is well versed in the Department Of Homeland Security RHF (run-hide-flight) protocol.

Emergency Preparedness

Does your organization have an emergency response plan for managing critical and dangerous incidents?

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$ 99

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Plus One-Time Security Guru 360 Intensive Security Assessment for $500

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$ 299

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Plus One-Time Security Guru 360 Intensive Security Assessment for $700

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Plus One-Time Security Guru 360 Intensive Security Assessment for $1000

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Security Guru 360?

Security Guru 360 is the first virtual security solution for your small business. We can provide assessments, workplace training, oversee private investigations, and emergency preparedness (from Natural Disasters to Active Shooter scenarios.)

How Does Security Guru 360 work?

The Security Guru thinks that every organization should have access to real security resources from industry professionals at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Here’s how our service works:

  • Sign Up For Security Guru 360 And Tell Us About Your Business
  • Meet With The Security Guru For An In-Depth Security Assessment
  • Enjoy the safety of the Security Guru 360 solution

Can Security Guru 360 help make my organization safer?

The Security Guru has helped many businesses improve the safety of their workplace by identifying and minimizing risk within the workplace.

How Much Does Security Guru 360 Cost?

Depending on the size of your business, Security Guru 360 costs as little as $99 per month for your own virtual head of security.