Do You Have An Emergency Response Plan?

It is vitally important that your organization has an emergency response plan that provides the structure necessary for managing critical and dangerous incidents. More often than not, organizations do not have an adequate emergency response plan. Subpar planning can lead to a host of consequences, running the gamut from damaging brand reputation, operating losses, and worst-case scenario, loss of life. Organizations that have placed high importance and emphasis on Emergency Response Training have policies and procedures in place that make them better equipped to deal with a wide variety of emergency and disaster situations. They have the confidence to deal with any incident that should arise. They have a detailed plan of specific actions to be taken in the event of an emergency. The Security Guru® will use the information taken from your Security Assessment and work with your security team to integrate that information into an organizational-wide Emergency Response Plan. But a plan is just a plan without further action; this is where the importance of effective training comes in.

What would your staff do in an emergency?

There’s only one way to know how your staff will respond in the event of natural or manmade hazards that impact the workplace—training. More specifically, training and drilling to the criteria and thresholds outlined by your Emergency Response Plan. Every aspect of your training exercises and drilling must be measured to hit a passing score as defined by regulatory bodies in your state. Many organizations will claim they have a perfect record when it comes to passing these internal drills. That’s a big red flag in our opinion. If you’re not finding vulnerabilities and improving them, your organization’s effectiveness at maintaining a safe workspace has grown stagnant. You need to know what your weaknesses are and take appropriate corrective actions. The success of your Emergency Response Plan relies upon constant, continuous improvement. The importance of a 3rd party independent expert to help you evaluate and test your plan cannot be overstated.

The Security Guru® has a proven system for training your employees for the unexpected. Make sure that you are lessening the potential for dangerous injury and property damage by implementing this system. Ensure that your staff is trained to your Emergency Response Plan and tested. This isn’t a one and done deal either—The Security Guru® trains the trainers, leaving behind a staff that is qualified to train future hires in the security protocol outlined in your plan and sustain it in the long term. Your organization will have a thriving security culture that is constantly improving and weeding out vulnerabilities.

Active Shooter Response Training

Do you have an Active Shooter response plan? Is it specific to your environment? On average, it takes the police 2-3 minutes to respond to an active shooter scenario, so most of your strategy revolves around playing the waiting game to survive until authorities arrive. Things as simple as a locked door can be a huge deterrent and make the difference between life and death in some situations. Make a plan that revolves around limiting the opportunities an active shooter would have to harm people at your organization.

An active shooter is a workplace hazard you hope your organization will never have to deal with. But not only is it something you should be prepared for but some states are starting to put mandatory Active Shooter Response Training into legislation. The Security Guru® will make sure your employees are properly trained in the Department Of Homeland Security’s Active Shooter Protocol— RUN, HIDE, FIGHT.

Run, Hide, Fight - Active Shooter Response Training

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