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The Security Guru® provides effective security solutions for organizations and businesses. Ensure that you are ready and equipped to handle any security or emergency in today’s fast-paced and sometimes dangerous world.

The Security Guru® will provide you with a thorough and unbiased 3rd party assessment to help guide you with making decisions from the top down. From private investigations to active shooter training, we provide a wide range of specialized security services to clients nationwide.

Security Assessments

With over 30 years of combined security and law enforcement experience to draw from—The Security Guru® takes a deep dive into your organization to pinpoint and identify what exactly the problems are.

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Workplace Training

Employees are a security resource. This means that at the end of the day all employees are members of the security department. This small shift in perception makes a world of difference.

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Private Investigations

Large organizations will sometimes be forced to deal with sensitive security issues that they may not be equipped to deal with internally. You do not want to get caught slacking.

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Emergency Preparedness

It is vitally important that your organization has an emergency response plan for managing critical and dangerous incidents. Most organizations do not have an adequate emergency response plan.

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Mike Spicer

Chief Executive Officer

Mike Spicer has an extensive background in law enforcement, emergency preparedness and security management. During his 30 year law enforcement career, Spicer was assigned to the California Highway Patrol’s (CHP) prestigious Protective Services Division and the Kings County Narcotics Task Force, where he participated in undercover operations, investigations, drug influence instruction and evaluations.

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